Your expertise deserves the best of AI

We create tailor-made products capable of increasing know-how thanks to artificial intelligence

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Why La Forge

From the idea to the launch, we support the entire life of the product by addressing the challenges of design, development and launch

"Product + AI" method

We develop software by putting the targeted know-how at the heart of the design. It will guide the UX and the technologies implemented.

Startup Studio HealthTech

We create health startups and invest in their product development to maximise the chances of success.


We integrate talent and technology to accelerate deployment and optimise product launches.

Startup Studio HealthTech

We create health startups and invest in their product development to maximise the chances of success.

You have a product idea...

Your know-how is unique

You have strong expertise and your know-how is recognised in your field. You know intimately that you can do better.

AI as a "game changer"

You are convinced that artificial intelligence can change practices in your field by democratising specialised expertise.

High potential

Your dream product is already desired by your future customers, which indicates a strong economic potential for your startup.

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Our know-how consists in designing and developing "good AI products", i.e. creating software capable of making their users better while guaranteeing to meet the economic challenges

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You want to discover potential products...

From innovation to product

You want to move beyond experiments and use artificial intelligence to launch viable projects.

Reducing risks

You need new talent and funding to maximise the chances of project success.

Making the most of your assets

Your organisation has a lot of expertise and you have data that can generate a lot of value.

Data & AI

La Forge's method allows us to identify product opportunities and develop them. We also provide a talent pool to carry them and funding to launch them.

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The Blacksmiths

Complementary talents at the service of product creation


Christophe Tricot

President & co-founder


Bertrand Boré



Stéphane Messika



Jérémy Grimault

Lead Product Management


Vincent Lemeltier

Lead Tech


Stéphanie Le Garrec

Lead Design

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Sacha Choumiloff

Data Engineer


Chloé Pertega

Product Manager


Jessy Viotti

Web Developer



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