We invest in your project to create your AI product

From idea to launch, we push the boundaries of design and development to create products that change lives.



We are a Product Studio that develops software capable of leveraging know-how.


We design and develop products that meet the needs and expectations of their users. We also help to identify and fram product opportunities in a given ecosystem.


You have an industry to promote

Objective: to help AI start-up ideas emerge.

What you bring: access to an ecosystem renowned for its know-how.

What we bring: a team with expertise in identifying and framing opportunities.


You have an idea to explore

Objective: To frame an idea.

What you bring: an idea and convictions.

What we bring: a skilled team, a unique method, funding.


You have a project to launch

Objective: Develop an AI product

What you bring: your expertise and know-how.

What we bring: a skilled team, a unique method, funding.


Every area of unique and valuable know-how deserves to be exploited by an AI product. That's why we are committed to supporting projects in their initial phase, providing financial resources as well as operational and strategic expertise.

Step 1 - Chasing the first users

As well as co-designing and developing the product, we work hand-in-hand with the founders to launch the start-up, validate their business hypotheses and go out and find the first users.

Stage 2 - Closing the first customers

Nous apportons des ressources pour aider au lancement réussi du produit et pour accélérer sa croissance.

Stage 3 - Growing the project

We mobilise our entire ecosystem to develop the start-up, making it easier to find additional funding and access key resources.

Do you have a startup project?

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Complementary talents at the service of product creation.

Christophe Tricot.jpegChristophe TricotPresident and co-founder
Bertand Boré.pngBertrand BoréCo-founder
Stéphane Messika.jpegStephane MessikaCo-founder
Jérémy Grimault.jpegJérémy GrimaultProduct Manager
Stéphanie Le Garrec.jpgStéphanie Le GarrecLead Design
Laurent Dosdat.jpegLaurent DosdatTechnical Manager
Sacha Chouiloff.jpegSacha ChoumiloffData Engineer
Chloé Pertega.jpegChloé PertegaProduct Manager
Jessy Viotti.jpegJessy ViottiWeb Developer
Camille Bezet.jpegCamille BezetWeb Developer
Simon Devaradja #2.jpgSimon DevaradjaSenior AI Expert

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